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Luxury is the key word that best describes Skitterland. Luxury, combined with old-world charm and surroundings is a combination that is not easy to ignore or forget. When staying at Skitterland you are considered to be a guest equal to at least a statesman, and you are treated accordingly.

Couple Cordial, friendly service coupled with fantastic catering and cleaning services will ensure an unsurpassed experience. You see, we want you to come back again and again, and bring your friends too!

At Skitterland we do not consider ourselves hosts only, we prefer interaction where you can get a glimpse into a bygone era. An era of NP van Wyk Louw, WEG Louw and other prominent figures that made the Karoo and Cape Colony the place to be a scant hundred years or so in the past, and a preferred destination ever since.

Skitterland is situated in Sutherland, the place in South Africa with the cleanest air and the brightest starry sky. Sutherland is also the coldest place in the country. Besides the enjoyment you can derive from staying in this historical building that houses Skitterland, there is plenty to keep even the most inquisitive person happy.

Some History Sutherland is part of the area called Roggeveld, or better still, poet NP Van Wyk Louw's "Sutterland" in his "R˘eveld". Sutherland, the town where NP Van Wyk Louw and WEG Louw were born, lies on the farm De List. Stands for the town were sold at public auction, by the owner MJM Vermeulen on 8 November 1858. Thus a town was born, centered around the Dutch Reformed Church.

The town was named in honour of an ex-pastor of Worcester, Ds Henry Sutherland who visited his congregation annually in the Roggeveld. This new church, designed by a well-known architect, Charles Freeman, and built by John Delbridge, was confiscated by the English during the Anglo Boer War on 3 September 1901, even before its inauguration and adapted as a fort and barracks. To this day the graffiti bears silent witness to this event.

While Sutherland is renowned for its cold, the Observatory and SALT, the town is transformed into a paradise of flowers in spring. The succulent route is a botanical experience. The colourful history of the area pulsates through the town, a heritage to enjoy and preserve. Come huddle, snugly and cosily around a crackling karee wood fireplace blaze and imbibe an aura of antique poetic romanticism accompanied by all the modern creature comforts on offer.
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